Monday, May 16, 2011

The Moment - Morning~

May 14, year 2011.
It was a wonderful day and night.
Early in the morning, I reach work place about 7.30am.
We were having an event, called Family day.
Children and parents attended the event,
and we all had fun with all the games, food and prizes~~
It was just one word to describe the whole event - FUN!

What a wonderful morning I had~~~
Being able to see different parents bonding with their children,
seeing all the children with happy faces,
seeing all the parents with satisfying expression~~
seeing how close/strong one family can be to win the games~~
I enjoyed! Even though it's tiring...
But everything's worth when I see all parents and children go back with big smile!
Tiring, yet fun and exciting!!!

After the event, it's clean up time.
Thanks to all the parents and teachers for making this event success!
And thanks for helping up without being calculative~~
Team work!! I can feel that!
Done cleaning at around 1pm.
Went home then.


After all the morning work, I was tired.
have my lunch, bath after reach home... then begin to surf the net.
few minutes later... doze off... zzz


About 7pm, I was awaken by my mom...
Woke up in a shock!
Because I was suppose to get ready for my earlier birthday
celebration planned by my friends by 7pm...
opss opss opsss!!!

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