Monday, May 16, 2011

The Moment - Night

May 14, year 2011

1st suprise:
Never that I thought all of you will bring me there!
My favourite place!!
Luna Bar~~
I was so happy~~
Finally I get to visit there again~~
Luna Bar~
I love the environment,
I love the view,
I just... love that place!

So, we had our dinner in the bar,
chit-chating about life... this and that...
Looking at you... all of you...
my dearest friends...
Owhh... I miss you all so so much!!

2nd surprise:
About 11pm? or 11pm++
Where we were in the middle of chat...
suddenly I saw some weird eye contact between 2 of you...
in a sudden,
all of you sung birthday song!
okay~~ I got it~ I think I know the plan...
A birthday cake was brought out from my left.
So I sing along~~
"happy birthday to EeSoon~~"
and we clap hands~
we laugh~~
we smile~~

3rd surprise:
After the birthday song...
"eh, Jordan come, sit there la!"
oh wait....
Jordan who?
After hearing that sentence...
I turn to my left and...
It's him I see!
never ever did I expect he will shows up in ... that way!!!!
Holding a cake... with candles on it...
I was in shock!!!!!!!
This is really an unexpected surprise!!
My dear... boyfriend... shows up!
blush, unexpected... happy~~~

Thank you all...
I had a great night!
I was really happy and I feel so so so lucky!
to have all of you in my life!
I feel loved...
Thank you for planning all this to me...
Thanks for loving me~~
I love all of you too!!!!!!
Aeris, Fang, Hui, Swing.
I love you!!

And of course, I love you too~~
Jothan, dear...


Jothan d' Rotten said...

oh... forgot to say... SURPRISE!!! when i say Happy Birthday to you that time... :D

苦妈 said...





ashley c said...

oh gee! i didnt wish you happy birthday .sorry! >.<

Happy belated birthday ee sooon!!!!

EeSoon said...

you don't need to say a word.
your appearance on that night,
is more than anything else.
So, thank you dear. :)


Thanks dear~~
you are not late,
my birthday is on this Friday!
So, not belated yet... hehe~
thanks dear!

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

That's great you are happy with the surprise in that night. =D

Jothan d' Rotten said...

oh 苦妈 .. 你好!!

EeSoon said...

Thank you, Fang. :)

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

waaaa so sweet~ > <

EeSoon said...

yea, magdalene, it was.
I am so lucky to have them.