Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are you OK?

If a girl cry when she is sharing some of her past experiences,
that means she has not get over with that experience yet.
If a girl can tell you her past experience without tear dropping,
that means she has already get over and move on.
Do you agree?
I do.
Because I admit I am like that too.

Do not make a girl cry,
and then apology and thinks everything is alright.
Because that apology does not mean anything at all.
Sorry does not mean anything after you hurt her.
If you really do hurt a girl...
the only thing you can do,
is hope that the girl will be fine soon.
Girl will be fine,
she just need time to recover...
just like some sickness, you just need some rest to cure it.

Do anyone of you here just hurt a girl?
If you do, please give her some time.
Although apology does not mean anything,
but somehow it helps to comfort the girl.
So, keep on apologizing.
Reminder, make sure you stop when she ask you to stop.
because it could be very annoying to her.
Still, time is the best medicine to cure this hurting feeling.

Do not leave a girl alone when you know she is hurt.
Unless she repeats these to you more than 4 times:
"leave me alone, don't bother me."
If she did not says anything,
then keep on sticking to her and be quiet.

p/s: give her a hug if you thinks she needs it.
if she pushes you away,
that means she does not need it.
If she cries in your arms,
that means she needs it
and she is releasing her pain.


LuPorTi said...

Good tips for me. Thanks.

苦妈 said...

so....are you OK,雨舜?

EeSoon said...

you are welcome, LuPorTi.

I think I am OK.
At least I am not tear dropping now~ ^^

applefish said...


EeSoon said...


FiSh said...

so true :( i feel like its me LOL


Aeris said...

Hope you are okay now my dear~

EeSoon said...

hi FiSh!!! long time didn't see you!

Aeris, I am okay for now. :) thanks.