Friday, October 28, 2011

Great time out~

Recently I have few great outings with my friends~
beloved friends~~~
dearest friends~~~
those who willing to accompany me when I need them.
true friends!
Thank you so much to all of you.

Great night hanging out 1 - Wednesday night
Went for a drink in a... bar... I suppose?
1st time drinking beer... in a bar...
usually I drink liquor.
I don't like beer.
But end up, I was high~~~
not drunk, but feeling high~~ fly fly~
Thanks for being at my side when I need companion.
I love all of you!!

Great lunch meet up 2 - Thursday noon
A simple meet up with an old friend of mine~
we recall and talked about our past~
we express our feelings and thoughts~
we chit-chat~ we laugh~ we talk freely~~
Surprisingly, we do have common thoughts on certain issues.
Ah ha! We have fun, don't we? haha.
I feel so blessed and lucky to have this special friend. :)

Great night out 3 - Thursday night
Dinner in KL~
Love the food~
yummy yummy delicious!!
And also funny humor friends~
It was very relaxing and enjoyable~~
(it'll be best if they can exclude the thing start with "s")

Ah ha~~!
I keep on going out at night recently since Wednesday..
hmmm... what's next?
Hope I will have some fun during tonight's outing!

Always remember!!
No expectation, no disappointment.
Do not expect.
Do hope, do wish, but do NOT expect.
Remember THAT, EeSoon.

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