Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interesting Friends 2

I went out with the interesting friends again~~
As usual, we eat and chat~
it was fun~~
I like to hang out with you guys,
the hang out session makes me feel so relax~~
non-stress~~ and free~
I had a great night.
thanks to Mr. Ben for the invite~

As expected, I was exhausted...
I've been sleeping for 12 hours!!!
12 hours since yesterday evening!!!!
I feel so sorry to my body now...
over-used it and it turn-off by itself.
Sorry EeSoon's body...

I felt more sorry to my clothes than my body..
because they have been soaked for 2 days and...
still soaking currently....
I better go wash them now before they get... smelly?

haha. Before that, a gentle greeting~
Good morning everyone here!!!
have a good Wednesday~~~
love ya!


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Thanks for your invitation too, it was a great night for me too !! =D

Happy Thursday !! *Yawning*

EeSoon said...

glad that you had fun. :)