Sunday, November 20, 2011

9 Nov 2011 "present/gift"

Are you still missing that person? that "she"...?
I don't feel comfortable right now.
I don't know who is she,
but I am sure she is still living somewhere in your heart.
her shadow appear in your blog, sometimes in your words,
even in your mind... silently... without U noticing it...

You honestly tell me that you are thinking of her when you were with me last time...
You are very honest, I appreciate your honesty.
But it hurts, the truth hurts.
Do you know how sad am I when I get to know that?
When I read what you wrote?
I don't think you have any idea about that.

After reading that message...
I observe, I see, I feel...
I become alert and sensitive on your expression and words.
I don't feel good. Jealous maybe?
I am feeling uncomfortable.
I feel like she is still in your mind...
I feel like you are looking at me... but thinking of her!
You are not 100% with me....
IShhh!!!!!! I cannot take it!!

I can't accept you to have another girl in your heart other than me..
no, cannot. you can only put me in,
there's no more space for another girl.
Even if there are spaces, I do not allow!!
(girlfriend has the rights right???)
If I cannot conquer the whole heart,
I rather choose to leave.

Tell me you miss her again and I tell you, I will leave you.
I don't feel safe with you.
I feel like you are just finding someone to replace that "she" in your heart.
I am not a back up person! I am not a replacement!
I am quite shock! And honestly, your honesty this time, hurts me.

Usually I will say "I rather choose to be hurt than dunno what happen"
but this time... for the very first time,
I rather choose not to know what happen than getting hurt.


JinRaiXin said...

Love will make someone selfish.
Not everybody can accept the truth, espacially you had fall in love.

EeSoon said...

Aaahhhh~~~ love~ love love~
relationship is sooooo... annoying somehow. aih..
It's not easy to maintain a relationship..