Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moooooody Soooon

moody moody moody~
moody EeSoon.
I "no like" this EeSoon.
I dislike.
relationship is somehow...
make me feel...
tiring~ annoying~
disappointing and heart breaking~
I am feeling bored with it.

Works can't make me relax,
relationship makes me tense,
I am frustrated.
Somehow, I lost myself.

I need holidays!!!!
Holidays do help!!!!!!!
I know it for sure!!!!!!!!
7 more days to go!!
EeSoon EeSoon~
I want the happy you back!!!!
Emo EeSoon is very sick!!


JinRaiXin said...

Go ahead if, travel may make you happy. =D

EeSoon said...

6 more days to go!!!
counting down to holidays now!!

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

I wanna see the happy EeSoon back ~

EeSoon said...

okay~ she is back!!
muahahaha! Cheeseee~