Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Again... Fuh!

Sorry, I know...
I have been moody lately...
I was feeling suffocated
because of my job,
my so-call "endless works".

Now that my work has reduce,
or I should say, DONE~~
I am feeling light!
As in heavy VS light, the light?
(Of course, it will not END, but at least for now,
those need to be done has already DONE.)

Looking back my previous blog posts...
hmmm... really really moody...
that's not good...
that's not EeSoon...
No no no good.

Recently I am feeling relax~
have more time to rest
and more time to do my personal stuff~~
more time to meet up with friends~
and not to forget,
more time for mr. boyfriend.

I have to plan my time well,
I must come out a good time management plan.
Can't waste anymore time now!
Don't wanna get moody again due to bad time management!


LuPorTi said...

Yeah. Good to see you cheers up again. It's great to get out from stress. You can now enjoy as much as you can.

EeSoon said...

Thanks LuPorTi~ ^^