Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2012

We've been together for 8 months +,
it's not a short time,
it's not very long neither,
but my love to him is getting stronger as day passed.
I love Mr. Boyfriend very much~!!
Ho ho ho~~

And, I've got something for Mr. Boyfriend.
It was a last minute ordered,
I thought I will only get my goods on Monday,
which is after Christmas...
but I got it yesterday!!!
So surprise!!

Curious about it?
Want to know what I've bought for him?
Heart Beat~ Heart Beat~

it's a personalized gift~
A cushion with my picture on it~
So he can hug it when he miss me~
Very thoughtful of me right?
Ho ho ho~~

Somehow I felt romantic~~
Ohh~ EeSoon, you are romantic~~
Sorry if you feel nausea~
I'm just being narcissism~~

Wonderful Christmas~
Lovely Christmas~~
Everything is beautiful~~ and warm~
Merry Christmas everyone~!!

Sharing: If you wanna make one for your love one,
check here~ I got the lovely cushion from there too. ^^
Thanks HeartBeat~~


LuPorTi said...

Merry Christmas!

EeSoon said...

Merry Christmas ~ LuPorTi!!

thomas said...

Merry Christmas
and my best wishes to both of you,
may you find happiness that you're looking for in life.

EeSoon said...

Thanks thomas~
same wishes go to you too~~~
Thanks for dropping by.