Thursday, December 8, 2011


Why is the sky keeps on raining???
Rain rain rain rain...
raining still...
I feel cold~ and freezing~~
Rain brought wind,
and the sweet wind makes me feel...

How many of you here like rainy days?
How many of you here like sunny days?
More votes for rainy? Or sunny?
For me, I prefer sunny~~ sun!
The mighty sun!
I love the sun!
And I miss the sun very very much now.
See how handsome the sun is?
My dearest sun, when are you going to show up?
I misssssssss you!!!!!
Chooooo chhooooo muccchhhhie~

Sometimes... rainy days do create romance...
but but but..

I still prefer The Mighty Sun!!!
Sunny day come come... please...
you are the most handsome thing in the world.
Yes, you are.
No doubt, you are.
I love you, sun!


Anonymous said...

on the contrary, I very much prefer the rain. I like the sun. But the rain tells people nature. The kind ones that lend umbrella, gives a ride. the ones that rather not get wet, the ones that rather get wet.. and the comfy cooling air xp

EeSoon said...

Hi there~ thanks for the comment :)