Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photography Contest!

This is the first photography contest I'd ever participate.
My first photography contest,
'Tak Nak Merokok!' Photography Contest.

People who know me well know that I am resist to smells.
I am very alert to smells from cigarettes/perfumes/
lotions/shampoo/soap, anything come with funny smells,
you name it.
People who know me well know that I hate cigarettes smell the most,
then followed by perfumes.

My mood turns off when I smell cigarettes,
especially early in the morning.
I usually curse the people who smoke in the morning.
The worst ones, throwing cigarettes butt from the car.
Yes, EeSoon do curse!!!
What the hell is going on with these people???
Cigarettes smokes turns me off and light up my anger.

Alright. Back to the topic.
I was reading my own blog this morning and there's ads
showing Tak Nak Merokok campaign's logo at the side..
So I gave it a click, and then it linked me to the photography contest.
I was thinking, why not give it a shot?
So, I entered the contest.

Actually...I do need a little help from all of you here...
that's the main purpose of this post... hehe... *sweat smiling*
if you are free... I need some votes from you..
because, the entry will be judged based on 50% votes by you,
and 50% from the Ministry of Health.
If, just IF only you are free...
and/or IF only you are interested...
and/or ... just IF only you are curious on the photo I submit...
Here's the way to vote/view it.

  1. Just like any other contests in FB, you have to "Like" the page first before you can view/vote/check the entries. So... 1st, you need to "Like" this page.

  2. And then, you have to click "Pertandingan Fotografi Tak Nak Merokok" at the left under the "wall" and "info" row.

  3. Then you will see this image. Click "View Entries".

  4. You will see this page and you need to scroll down to find my photo titled: Rokok Meragut Nyawa. My name is there in a bracket (EeSoon Ng).

  5. Click the round round thing written VOTE below my photo.

    Done then!! I thank you very very much~~

If you can't see the image shown in number 3, then I am afraid,
you need to registered yourself before you can view and vote...
If it's too troublesome for you, just leave it~ it's ok.
very very sorry to trouble u...
EeSoon says sorry.

But if you are really interested/curious/supportive,
please! go ahead! Vote for me!
hehe~ EeSoon say thank you to you.
Thank you very much~
Terima Kasih banyak-banyak.

1st time entering photography contest...
1st time entering FB contest...
1st time writing this kinda asking vote post...
wa wa wa ... 1st time...
To those who had read this post,
thanks ya!

To those who has gone through the troublesome procedures
and successfully vote for me,
EeSoon say, thank you!!!!!!!!!!


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

VOTED !! That's so hard to find your photo there, I needed to scroll down and down then only found it. =D

Hmm, by the way that's nice and full of hidden meaning from what I can be seen through your contest picture, good luck and all the best for you ~ =}

EeSoon said...

Thank you so so so much for the vote.
I know it's kinda troublesome...
sorry... but, thank you very much!!!