Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cute Little~

I have a white board in my room. I usually use it to write notes, reminders, plans, to-do-list, goals, important dates and etc etc etc. Whenever my friends came to my house, if they have chance to visit my room, they will surely somehow, leave something on the board automatically. Hahaha~ I find it funny and somehow, I feel warmth too. ^^

Ah~ I saw my camera before I rub it away... snap snap~~!!! hehehehe~~ blogging time~~~~ So the picture I am going to show, is the latest ones left on the board. All those were drawn by Mr. Boyfriend and also a good friend of mine~ animatorB.

Super Mario's mushroom?
by animatorB.

Cute little ... sushi? ^^
by animatorB.

Eat you!!! NyeeeeeeeYeee
add on by Mr. Boyfriend.

Singing skeleton~~ self-enjoying
by animatorB.

A clon of it... imitating imitating...
add on by Mr. Boyfriend.

Hippo dragging piggie... dunno why...
by Mr. Boyfriend.

That's all of them~~~

Actually there is one more... a drawing of a cup of tea... but... I erased it away... before I saw my camera... opss... hmm... so... ^^ Overall, they are cute right??? Ha haha~ love the drawing so so much~~ cuteee~


LuPorTi said...

Haha. Luckily you saw your camera before you erased all.

EeSoon said...

yalo~ if not all this sweet cute little
thinggie will be gone forever~
haha. lucky lucky~

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Hehe I love all the drawing especially the skeleton. =D

EeSoon said...

good to know that. ^^