Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Secret Revealed

uhoooo~~~ Wohoho~~!Alright! It's time to reveal the so-call "secret" from my previous post.
It was about the Valentine's Day that has just passed few weeks ago.
ah ha ha~ predictable right?
"secrets".. duhh~

It was few months ago that I "accidentally" saw a
cartoon cookies recipe book in the bookstore,
and a sudden thought *light bulb* came into my mind,
self-bake cookies as a surprise Valentine's Day's present for Mr. Boyfriend~
sounds romantic right? say yes!! Say yes!!!!
(at least for me, I think receiving a surprise present is romantic... ok...especially when the 'surprise present' is handmade by love ones)

My friend was with me and coincidentally,
both of our love ones like the same cartoon character - Domokun.
After suggesting my idea to my friend, she smiles and
we both decide to make Domokun cookies for our love ones~

Domokun cookies??
yes! Domokun cookies.
blur? can't imagine??
want some pictures?
something like these. Ah ha~

We have done the cookies one week before Valentine's Day...
After the cookies were successfully baked,
we were DAMN excited!!!!
I was very happy~! But can't tell anyone about that...
it's a "secret" present! We must sealed our lips!
I was excited but but but..
I can't share the happiness... to anyone..YET before the day... sigh...
That's why I wrote this in my blog~~ to release a bit of my excitement.

See! I've even made a Pacman after Domokun!
A picture of Pacman and a toothless Domokun baby...

I even made heart shape cookies with words on it~~
(it was a definitely-must-made-shape right? It's for Valentine's Day)

Awhh~ After so many days...
finally the day has come.
Finally!! I give it to him~
Mr. Boyfriend was happy~
he was kinda shock a little I guess...
and... guess what?
the next thing he did immediately after receiving the cookies was...
taking out his handphone... and then...
*snap snap*

Nah, this is what he has done...

Taking photos of the cookies...
I thought he will have a bite on them once he saw it but...
instead, he took pictures...

Pheww~~ secret revealed~~ relieved. ^^
It was fun to bake cookies~~
I will do it again if I have free time~~
The cookies taste good yo~~
Hohohoo~~~ not bad, EeSoon!!

anyone wanna make an order?
Ho ho hooo~~ send me your email and we'll discuss about it ^^
heeeh heeeh~~

Done secret reveal~~ yea yea~~
Tata. Goodnight everyone.


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Haha YES !!!
Mission accomplished. =D

EeSoon said...

Thank you, Fang.

Mr Lonely said...

wow.. so lovely.. yuan lai is this.. sigh..so good got bf~

EeSoon said...

Mr Lonely
don't sigh, don't sigh.
sooner or later you will found your
love ones~ ^^ Cheer up~~

冰箱 said...

omg!! damn cute!!!

EeSoon said...

haha, cute right?
I know... hahaha~
thanks~ ^^