Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy May 2012

As I mentioned in previous post,
to me, May is the best month ever !!
I love May~~~

The reason to love May:
1) Labour Day - holiday!!!!! Extra time to do work at home with less stress/pressure .

2) Mother's Day - A day to hug mummy tight tight and she can't say "go away".

3) Teacher's Day - A day to get all the lovely hugs from my children~~ and all the wishes from friends and parents, colleagues and people all around the world.

4) Wesak Day - holiday!!!! another extra time to do work at home with less stress/pressure. Plus, a day to remind how lucky and blissful we are, to be thankful and appreciate what you have all the time.

5) EeSoon's Day - A day to say "thank you" to mummy. A risky day to get great excitement or great disappointment. A day to receive all the love from everyone that knows me.

6) School holidays -  Time to work at home without any stress/pressure, time limit nor deadline. Yea~~ it is also time to relax~~ without guilt.

How can I not to be happy with all these happening in May??? How???
ha ha. I love May~~


LuPorTi said...

In less than 3 hours, we are going to say bye bye to May 2012 already.

Mr Lonely said...

yeah... bye bye to May~

EeSoon said...

bye bye May, welcome June then.
Cheers guys!