Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy happy post

There were so many happy things happen in May 2012 which I want to remember it forever in my mind but I know I will forget it someday somehow... So, I've decided to write it down here! YES! In my bloggie~~~

Here goes, in points~ dot dot dot~

dot 1 - Korean bbQ night at a friend's house~~ on 12 May 2012. 
It was actually my 1st attempt to self-organized-Korean bbQ.
We chit-chat-chit-chat-eat-talk.. and guess what? 
The owner of the house bakes 2 cakes on behalf of my birthday wor!!! 
WOW! I am touched~ and of course happy~~~
Thank you my dear friend TW~~ *hugs*
(ah~ no pictures here to show... aii yaii yaii)
After the bbQ session, we had "romantic" chit-chat session,
I really enjoyed the talk and the feel was amazing~~
relax~~~~ and somehow romantic. ^^

dot 2 - Teachers day~
I received lots of teacher's day presents from my love children~~~
I didn't expect I will get all these presents...
Ha, I have pictures for this one~~ hehe.
picture 1 
 side view.

picture 2
 top view.

picture 3
after I took out the presents...
left... the bags... and boxes..

dot 3 - EeSoon's Day celebration with sisters~~~ 
on 19 May 2012, I've invited my close friends, 
or commonly girls called it "best friends", to my house for dinner.
That was the best gift ever for me. Everyone spent out their time,
just to have a simple dinner gathering in my house,
eating the food I cooked, chit-chatting and relaxing in my house~~
simple, yet happy~~~ I enjoyed~ and I am truly, appreciate it.
I love you dears, all 4 of you. Thanks for loving me too~~

These are my birthday presents~~ from them.

The cake~~ bought by them.
now nobody will fight over the strawberries.

dot 4 - EeSoon's Day celebration on 20 May 2012.

A wooden guy somehow suddenly act romantic and bake me a cake~~ He even brought me to my favourite place for a romantic dinner~ Awwww!!! I hope he can keep this romantic side of him always and I wish the wooden side of him will never, ever return to him ... anymore.

see pictures!!! See See!!!!
He made this!!
All by himself!!!

in the oven~~

out from the oven

 I cut!!!!

I thank everyone that loves me, I love all of you too. May all of us be happy all the time, everyday, every minute, even every second! Cheers~~~ muaxxxx!!


LuPorTi said...

You enjoy your May very much ya!

EeSoon said...

enjoyed very very very much, LuPorTi!
that's why I love May.

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Who gave you the controller as your birthday gift? Haha ~ *Evil Grins*

I love you too dear. =D

EeSoon said...

Thanks LoLLy.