Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello Pumpkin~ plant

Remember last year I was blogging about the papaya tree being chopped off from my house (small land beside the car park area)?

Guess what? Something else has started to grow on that land!
Do you know what're these?

It has start growing since March 2013.

It is getting bigger and growing more leaves...

Even flower start to grow within...

I have a bad (or maybe can considered good) habit, I like to throw seeds on the empty land in front of my house. As usual, sooner or later, something sure grow up. The land used to have durian tree, papaya tree, and now this...

So... do you manage to guess what plant is this?

The answer is -------- pumpkin. I threw pumpkin seeds and all these poped-up. But I have yet to see any pumpkins growing. Bwahahaha~

So I have to say, bye bye papaya tree, hello pumpkin plant.


JinRaiXin said...

Prepare for Helloween? (≧▽≦)

EeSoon said...

haha. by the time it grows, I think just nice right? haha. good idea though.