Thursday, June 6, 2013

Satisfaction Search

Did I ever mention that I've change my job?
Well, if I didn't...
I've change my job.

And guess what?
I am not happy with this new job.
Can't find any satisfaction in this job... :(
oh, sad.

I keep on thinking, why do I change my job?
As I always tell others, I want to experience different jobs before I settle down in one.
Yes, it's true! So that's what makes me change my previous job.
Based on my current situation...
I won't stick long in my current job for sure.

I like to learn new things, experience new things
but you know what?
After 3 months of working,
even though I get to learn a lot, experience a lot from the job,
I realize, I don't like this job. 
Really. no. like.
I'm searching very very hard for job satisfaction during my working hours but 
I really can't find any...
I work hard, it has good return,
but I still don't feel any satisfaction.

What to do now?
I'm sort of.. like a walking corpse, living without soul... 
working without passion..
touching without feel...
eating without taste...

I think you know what am I thinking...
Yea yea, yes, but no, cant.
I can't quit though...
bad for my reputation.. it seems so irresponsible.
I'd just join the company since February, 
it's not even 4 months yet and I am starting to think about resigning...
... nooooooooooooooooooooo ...
no no no, I can't quit... (at least not now)

sigh... sigh... sigh!!!!!!


LuPorTi said...

Sad to hear that. I can just wish you all the best. Hope your working condition will change.

EeSoon said...

Dear Luporti,
I have resign laaa!!!
FEel so sooo happy and relieved!
Thanks for your comment here :)
All the best to you too!!
Sorry for the late reply..

LuPorTi said...

Oh? Haha. After resigned, feeling so free to look back all your old posts? Haha.

EeSoon said...

indeed! :)