Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Again!

I still remember last year,
around new year time...
I was writing about job changing,
starting new job... bla bla bla...
You can click here if you want to know what's the blog about.

So, as the same thing repeats,
I am starting a new job this year!!
Yeah! New year, new goal, new job, new challenge!
YES! You are correct!!
I have left my previous job!
And I am starting my new job soon. 

I hope I can cope with both working and studying!
(YES! I am actually a part time student!)
Hope I can manage my time for both,
hope my brain can digest all the knowledge.
Hope I can get some satisfaction in my new job too!

Wish me all the best, EeSoon!

Hope the best for everyone too!
I wish everyone to have a good year ahead!

Happy 2014!

Thanks for reading,
thanks for leaving your footsteps here!
Thanks for spending your time on my blog~
thanks for looking at this crap.
Happy New Year!!


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