Thursday, December 24, 2009

Explore KL ~

Today I am alone as usual. The unusual thing is, I went to explore an unfamiliar place in KL alone with a map from Google. Ho ho ho~ I was bringing my camera and self capture whenever I saw beautiful/interesting/funny view/things/scenary. Feels very stupid lor taking picture by self... like never been to KL before...

This is for Sok Ying: I saw a lot of leng zai ang mo!!!!!!!!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!! So many and so leng zai and so young and energetic and ... ... wa wa wa... too bad, you missed it. blekkk~ =="

After hours of walking here and there, taking pictuere here and there, hmm... rain start to fall... means time to go home? And so, I went home. Did I left something? hmmm... oh! Are you asking for picture? opsss.... err... actually... the camera I brought is those old type one, need to use film one. Yes, people still use filmed camera ok. So, no pictures here... maybe after I find way to scan it into computer? Til then, chao~~ going for movie now!!! Alvin & The Chipmunks 2~ Oh cute little... I am coming for you!

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