Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Modem dead

Hey all,
Hi all,
Hello all.

Sorry If I did not reply your message or email or
anything that related to internet used.
My modem has certified-dead.
So I probably will not be online for days.
(maybe weeks, or months)
Please don't be surprise,
please don't be angry,
please don't blame me,
and please miss me a lot, thank you.

I will get a new modem soon.
(I hope I can get it very very soon...)
and til then,
please say you miss me already.



: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Jom we go join "streamyx cool uni pack" !! Muahahaha !!


EeSoon said...

? You advertising?? HERE?????????? In my blog comment box???????

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Haha !! No lar.. I just recommended you this promotion only, I wanted to join, if you want to join then I can follow you to apply. LOL~