Monday, June 7, 2010

Steamboat with "family"

So I have promised to blog about the highlights in last post of mine? Yup, let's begin.

Last Wednesday, I had steamboat dinner with a bunch of "long time no see" close friends! Miss them so so soooo much!!!! They are:
  1. The one we love the most, the cutest couple I know so far: Wendy maa and ah baaa~~ (I wish I can put their photo out.. haha, let me get their permission 1st. hehe)
  2. Got their permission d!! Muahaha!!!
    This is Wendy maaa and Ah Ben Baaaa la!!
    The cutest couple I'd ever met in my life!

  3. And then my daughter, the one who used to stay in my uterus for 9 months... just joking la... hahaa. She was my close friend which we know each other during form 6: Yoke Peng. My daughter bring along my son in law: Sam kor~ (alright, will ask for their photos too! hehe)
  4. my ah lui and son in law, taken after the steamboat dinner.

  5. Next, my darlie: Yvonne, my dearest darling sweetheart honey... ermm... if I keep this on.. we'll be getting diabetes soon... so that's y we called each other darlie instead of darling/sweetheart/honey..whatsoever. She is also one of the "long time no see" close friends, the one used to work together, shopping together, outing together, club together one... haha.
  6. hehe... this was taken last year. Darlie is with spects.

  7. Last but not least, this one... err... too many names... how should I title her? Taufu? Lolly? Fang mui? Hooi Fern? Ah Fang Fang? girlfriend? Roommate? haha.. She is one of my best friends. Let's call her Fang. Shall I ask for her photo here? Guess most of the blogger who read my blog will know her through the links shown beside ya? Let me show you her photo... (very ma fan la she!! Keep on choosing and discussing which photo to be here... beh tahan... at last she give permission to put this photo.)

nah... this is she. The one with many names.

I had a wonderful night~ I just love to hang around with all of them. We used to be so close, and as time pass... we seems like not knowing each other so deep anymore... everyone have their life to move on, everyone have their things to do in life... ah~ that's why we talked for few hours after the dinner, get to know more about our recent life. I miss those time. But people, we have to move forward! Not backwards! All the best, myfriends!!

**I just found out that, it is really a waste for me to have buffet steamboat... my stomach get full so fast! I mean, when other people are just starting to have more, I already feel full... sigh sigh!**

err... you want more photo about the steamboat? Err... I don't have leh... sorry... haha~ what about a silly one like below?? haha... tata~

Silly EeSoon acting: running away~~ yoo~


牧羊星 said...

this photo is LoLLy~why no ur photo?hahaXD

EeSoon said...

hahaha, actually, I want to put the one I took with lolly,
but she refuse to let me... so... 可以怎样? haha

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Hahaha !! LoL ~

我在那张照片非常样衰啦~ 啊啦啦啦~