Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Favourite Smurf

Lalalalalala~ lalalalala~
smurfs smurfs~~
My favourite smurf~~
is the smartest one!!
OWww... look how handsome he is, with his glasses on...
my heart is melting when I am looking at him...
"Brainy, Brainy!!"

By the way, do you know that the smurfs have been in New York?
When I heard it I was like...
seriously what??!! How? When? Why? ... ...
and then... ah... Gargamel of course!!
don't you worry smurfs~
I am sure all of you would help lead each others
and find way from New York City back to the Smurf Village.
Am I right?
Especially with Brainy's help and Papa Smurf's leadership skills!!


Any idea how to go back?



Smurfs, I think you can try to...
1. Find your way to Belgium.
2. When you reach there, find this guy.
3. Ask him to draw you a portal that linked to Smurf Village.
4. Jump into the portal and Woolaaa~~ home sweet home~~

What? Belgium is too far for you smurfs?
Peyo is no longer there???
That's so sad...

ok... what about this?
1. Brainy, take all the smurfs with you to
the nearest cinema in New York City.
2. Look for the movie titled The Smurfs.
3. Watch the whole movie.
4. Get the idea and use it!!
5. You will get your way home~!

Yeah~~~ that sound a lot easier right?
I think the smurfs will find their way back to Smurf Village
after watching the movie.
All the best and good luck, Smurfs!!
I smurf all of you~~~
smurf smurf~~
especially you, Brainy~!!!


bluedianthus said...

Waa..just know this..Thanks for this information. Cant wait for this movie..:)

Lynnie said...

Can't wait for the movie too!
Yay gonna watch it in 3D :D

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Hehehee... I want the gift =X

EeSoon said...

bluedianthus & Lynnie,
Yeah~~ I am excited to watch the movie too!!
Thanks for the visit.

what gift? apa mau?

Smurf fan said...

Brainy's my favorite Smurf too because his personality's like mine. And I'm against all who are against him. If you ask me, all the Brainy haters out there can kiss my ass.