Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dinner time!

After 14 days of holidays~ I am back to work! Yesterday was my 1st day of work after the sweet-relaxing-14-holidays of mine. And yeaap! It was also the 1st meet up between Mr. boyfriend's family members and my family members.

Early in the morning, I wasn't asleep until 5am.. I had insomnia I think... After sleeping for 2 hours+, I went to workplace and start working until about 3pm. After 4pm, I start to feel a bit anxious about the dinner... How will it be? What will happen? Will it be awkward? Or awesome? Are they going to talk to each other or remain silent? A lot of questions flying in my mind after 4pm. Few hours later.... it was time to go for the dinner. Hmmm... IT'S TIME! Nervous... me.

We had our dinner in a Hakka style restaurant and the restaurant is quite far from my house... about 40minutes drive (without traffic jam) through LDP highway but u know LDP... So at the end, yea, we were late by minutes... because of the traffic jam.. ISH!

Awkward time came... I feel awkward when that part... where my parents say hi to Mr. boyfriend's parents, shaking hands... that is so... AWKWARD!!! ok, maybe I am just feeling shy... I don't exactly know why. After the "Hi, how are you" session, it's time to eat!

Went into the restaurant, ordered food. During ordering time, conversation mode on~ everyone was talking to everyone~ It's a good sign... good. After order, conversation remains~ good! At least no one being left out. Food served, eating and talking in the same time... conversation continue~~ after dinner, the conversation seems ... can't be stopped. Everyone was talking non-stop, sharing opinions, discussing from politics to education to food to... about any topic... almost every topic we could think of! The conversation ends when restaurant is about to close.

It was fun looking at them having their conversation. Somehow in the middle I felt a bit shy... when they were talking about me... For me, I find it was a relaxing and fun dinner~ I gain a lot of info through their conversations. I love it! I just love to listen to people's conversation. Let's do this again some other time in the future ~~~ Mr. boyfriend! hahaha~


LuPorTi said...

Insomnia due to going back for work?

EeSoon said...

I think more to the dinner at night... haha.