Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plan well

Oh yeaaah~~
14 days of holidays now left 12 days.

I am happy and relax~~
I am smiling~~ I feel like laughing!
Ah haha~~ crazy me.

So, long holidays I have.
What to do?
I need a plan.
A well plan.

Let's jot down what am I gonna/wanna do/go
during these precious holidays~~
Now, in points:
  1. visit KL again~~ (backpack) - Taman Tasik Perdana
  2. repair my camera... *cry*
    (screen break dunno why, dunno when, dunno how...)
  3. clean my room.
  4. clear my lesson plans!!!
    (duh... part of my endless works)
  5. meet up with my dearest friends~ boys and girls.
  6. clean my living room.
  7. cook something!!! breakfast? lunch? dinner? snack?
  8. write papaya post in blog!
  9. blog about my Fraser's Hill trip~
  10. back to college to help up on some events~
    yipeee~ I miss my college.
  11. wash dogs...
  12. finish reading my stacked up Reader's Digest magazines...
  13. start reading my Tarot book!
  14. cut hair?? or maybe... go to the saloon and fix a little...
    my hair is quite messy now...
  15. Swimming~~ swim swim swim~~
So far, 15 things to do.
Hope I can cross is all!! Yuhoo~~
Let's begin with number 3.


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Fang's tarot book: Hmm don't know when la my owner come to read me, waiting ~ =="

EeSoon said...

ah ha, still waiting ah?
haha. Add oil!!!!
I think I can start reading it this week d.